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Holiday Selection 3-pack

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SKU: CS-PK2022

We’re opening the SCRIBE Cellar with a trio of Cabernets from Atlas Peak, hand-selected from the library by Adam and Andrew Mariani. 

2010 SCRIBE Cabernet Sauvignon
VII.11 - 1 - 22:22

2011 SCRIBE Cabernet Sauvignon
VIII.For Aldo

2013 SCRIBE Cabernet Sauvignon
X. As Above, So Below

(1) 2010 SCRIBE Cabernet Sauvignon / 750mL
(1) 2011 SCRIBE Cabernet Sauvignon / 750mL
(1) 2013 SCRIBE Cabernet Sauvignon / 750mL

This vineyard, which we began farming in 2009 is planted on a steep and rocky plot on the East Side slope of Atlas Peak, circumscribed by wildlands. Perched above the fog line at 1600 feet, consistent morning sun exposure nurtures bright fruit while the mountain's volcanic tuff and alluvial gravely loam lend earthy nuance.

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