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The Scribe Viticultural Society aims to provide its members with firsthand access to the growing and making of wine, to the ongoing revival of the SCRIBE Estate, and, ultimately, to the enjoyment of SCRIBE wines. The SVS is a modern incarnation of the Buena Vista Viticultural Society, a club established by the SCRIBE Estate’s founding father, Emil Dresel. This original group of wine enthusiasts aimed not only to promote advanced wine growing techniques, but also the enjoyment of the sensory, social, and cultural benefits of wine, a practice we continue with our members today.


  • - You will receive four SVS allocations per year (in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall). Each quarterly allocation will contain 4, 6, or 12 bottles of our limited production wines.
  • - Special member pricing on all wine purchases. Additional wine and shipping discounts apply during the quarterly SVS reorder period. 
  • - First access to new releases and limited production bottlings.
  • - Access to SVS appointments on the SCRIBE farm for you and up to five guests with advance reservation.
  • - Access to Hacienda Tastings with advance reservation ($70/person).
  • - VIP privileges and invitations to events at the SCRIBE farm.

~ Sign up to receive the Spring 2021 Allocation ~

  4 Bottles 6 Bottles 12 Bottles
Bottles per shipment 4 6 12
Shipments per year 4 4 4
Bottles per year 16 24 48
SVS Discount 10% 15% 20%
Average cost per quarter
(before tax & shipping)
$150 - 200 $225 - 300 $425 - 550
Discount during the reorder period 15% 20% 30%
Shipping discounts on SVS allocations None Free Ground Shipping Free Ground Shipping
Shipping discounts during the reorder period

Free Ground Shipping

Free Ground Shipping Free Ground Shipping
To join, please choose to receive Mixed, Red Wine Only or White Wine Only
  • - There is no cost to join the SVS.
  • - Members may choose to receive Mixed, Red Wine Only or White Wine Only quarterly SVS allocations.
  • - SCRIBE Winery will bill your credit card prior to the release of each quarterly SVS allocation for the retail value of the wines, minus your member discount.
  • - Tax and shipping are extra, and will vary by destination and club level.
  • - By joining you commit to receiving a minimum of two consecutive SVS allocations.
  • - For more information about our membership agreement and cancellation policy, checkout our Terms & Conditions.

Interested in setting up a gift membership?

SVS memberships can be gifted for two or more allocations or set up as an ongoing membership. For more information and to enroll, contact the SVS team at 707.939.1858.

2100 Denmark St. Sonoma, CALIFORNIA
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2100 Denmark St. Sonoma, CALIFORNIA
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