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Summer Vermouth


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Made with Chardonnay from the SCRIBE Estate then fortified and infused with orange peel, wild fennel and lemon verbena. 

We enjoy drinking it before dinner -- over ice with an orange peel.

soil type: Huichica loam, volcanic tuff


The 50/50 Martini By Brooks Reitz

A delicious and simple recipe, recommended by our friend Brooks Reitz - founder of Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.; owner of Charleston’s beloved Leon’s Oyster Bar, Little Jack’s Tavern, and Melfi’s; and the author of the lovely newsletter A Small and Simple Thing.

“I like a 50/50 because it's a gentler lift off to the evening, the vermouth bringing the overall alcohol content down to mortal levels, as opposed to the all-booze Martinis that have gained popularity in the last decade. For this particular variation, I would suggest seeking out a Japanese Gin like Roku or Coffey Gin from Nikka. These variations offer a brighter, zesty alternative to the more traditional London Dry Gin, leaning on the variety of beautiful Japanese citrus and herbs for a complex spirit that will play beautifully with Scribe's floral vermouth. As for the recipe - it can't get easier! In a mixing glass combine equal parts Gin and Scribe Vermouth. Add ice and stir for 45 seconds. Strain into a Martini glass, garnish with fresh citrus peel of your choice, and enjoy.”


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