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2020 Verjus of Pinot Noir

Kitchen Essentials (NON-ALCOHOLIC)

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2020 marks our sixth bottling of verjus. Verjus (vert jus) which translates to ‘green juice’ in French is a vibrant, non-alcoholic, culinary ingredient that we make from our Estate Pinot Noir grapes. 

We harvest the grapes in the summer halfway through veraison before they accumulate much sugar, then cold-press and bottle.  The resulting juice is a pleasantly tart,  delicately floral, unique and versatile kitchen essential. 

You can use it anywhere you would acid in the kitchen, from braising to finishing dishes for a jolt of brightness. 

At the Hacienda, we use it many ways including in our Verjus Vinaigrette to dress a simple salad of fresh lettuces and the refreshing non-alcoholic, Verjus Spritz. To learn about these recipes and more, watch on IGTV.

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The 2020 Verjus is one of our limited production bottlings released this year to the SVS. To find out more information about joining the SVS to gain access to these specialty bottlings and other member benefits, click here or call us at 707.939.1858.

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