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Scribe Scholarship Program

The Black Lives Matter movement continues to be a powerful
catalyst for self-reflection, for each of us as individuals as well as for SCRIBE as a whole.
Inspired, we are creating the Scribe Scholarship Program.

The Scribe Scholarship Program provides college-level scholarships
for BIPOC students from Sonoma County pursuing a course of study in viticulture,
enology, agricultural business, or environmental sustainability. 

Additionally, we will continue to support Black Lives Matter movement
organizations, like the Freedom Community Clinic and Color of Change
who are working towards racial and economic equality. And we will continue
to support organizations like La Luz and Corazon, whose efforts
support families and community engagement locally.

These programs are supported by the Scribe Foundation.

The Scribe Foundation supports youth education for those systematically
marginalized, and agriculture and environmental sustainability in California. 

Scribe places great value in cultivating a sense of community. 
Wine, at its core, brings people together. It connects us to one another and to the natural world.
It inspires conversation and contemplation. 

We believe a vineyard can serve as an advocate for social change,
an example of environmental sustainability, a classroom for students, a conservatory for thinkers,
a laboratory for scientists, an arena for work, a garden for dreamers
and a place for connecting and belonging. 

The Scribe Foundation will help sustain
our commitment to building a better future, here and elsewhere.

To learn more or add your voice to the conversation,
please contact us at

2100 Denmark St. Sonoma, CALIFORNIA
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