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2015 Estate Pinot Noir MAGNUM 1.5L

IV. A Wind You Can Trust

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SKU: 15PN-E-1.5L

The rhyolitic soils of the coolest, lowest block on the Scribe farm give our Estate Pinot its distinctive power and structure. It’s a sharp counterpart to our Carneros Pinot, considering the vinification methods are essentially the same. Fermented with native yeasts in concrete and stainless steel, the wine is then aged in neutral oak barrels for six months and remains unfiltered before bottling. A bold representation of what our land here in Sonoma naturally expresses, and vice versa.

2015 meteorological data: A dry, warm winter encouraged an early start to the season, with budbreak in mid-February. The rainy spring that followed reduced the yields to small, concentrated berries but August heat spiked prompted our earliest harvest yet.

soil type: Huichica loam, volcanic tuff

Harvested with 23 °Bx | pH 3.59 | TA 5.8 g/L
13.5% alc.

2100 Denmark St. Sonoma, CALIFORNIA
Design by: Open Sea
2100 Denmark St. Sonoma, CALIFORNIA
Design by: Open Sea
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